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Bullet-Proof Glass

The most valuable asset in your business is your employees and customers. You want to make sure they are safe and free from violence in the workplace. One does not have to watch the local evening news for long to realize random acts of violence are on a sharp increase. Installing bullet-proof or bullet-resistant glass is one safety measure that many business owners should consider.

Midwest Glass & Mirror can walk you through the many glass and configuration options to make your business a safer place. Midwest Glass & Mirror can install a new bullet-resistant barrier system (bullet-proof glass & doors) or repair a system that has been damaged in some fashion. We will help customize a bullet-resistant barrier system designed to fit your work environment.

More and more institutions are implementing very high levels of safety and security in their facilities by adding bullet-resistant barriers, bullet-resistant doors, digital video surveillance, and access control in order to ensure the safety of their business and to provide a sense of peace of mind for their highly valued employees and customers. Midwest Glass & Mirror can assist in finding the perfect security solution for your needs and budget.

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