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Custom Fabricated Mirrors & Installation

Most people only think of mirrors as a grooming aid or the last thing we glance at before running out of the house in the morning to make sure our appearance is presentable. At Midwest Glass & Mirror Glass & Mirror we know mirrors can be so much more. Mirrors can be used to establish mood, provide security, transform space, and even help babies develop much faster. Let the mirror experts at Midwest Glass & Mirror show you how mirrors can create accents and enhance the décor of any room.

The Midwest Glass & Mirror experts operate by the slogan: “We will mirror anything.” Midwest Glass & Mirror’s specialists use the latest technology and equipment to fabricate custom mirrors for virtually anything imaginable. From the smallest wall mirror, to the largest residential and commercial mirror projects, Midwest Glass & Mirror has the expertise and experience to make your dreams come true.

Mirrors can be the perfect touch to accent your décor. A beautiful mirror can lend character and charm to your bedroom or foyer; it can also add a personal touch to a basic bathroom. Mirrors provide an additional light source and add a dimension of depth and elegance to any room. Adding mirrors to any room in your home or office is a very affordable way to increase the size of the room without the high cost of remodeling.

Custom Framing Solutions

Thinking about do-it-yourself mirror framing? Think again… Many homeowners have tried to use standard trim to frame their existing mirrors. We have seen it all and have removed many of these over the years. Our experience and expertise will save you time, money and hassle. Why try to do it yourself, when Midwest Glass & Mirror can provide a custom mirror solution!

Custom frames are made to attach directly to your existing mirror. There is no need to remove the mirror from the wall. We will bring an extensive selection of frame samples for you to view in the convenience of your home. There's no better way to pick a custom frame than seeing the actual product in the surrounding decor.

A custom mirror frame not only enhances the mirror you look at every day, but completely transforms the room. A custom frame adds depth, warmth, and becomes a focal point of the entire space.


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