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Operable (Pass-Thru) Windows

Operable windows can be an efficient tool to cut utility costs. Opting for operable windows can improve your building’s IAQ and HVAC costs. Relying on your building’s HVAC system may guarantee the conditions in your building remain constant, but introducing high-performance operable windows can provide the same benefit and more.

Newer model operable windows have made great advances that place them on par with other high-performance options. Ease of cleaning is another benefit; certain operating window types permit cleaning of the exterior glass surface from the interior of the building.

Breezy Benefits

Perhaps the greatest benefit that operable windows provide is ventilation, which can have a positive impact on your HVAC budget. “In many parts of the U.S. natural ventilation offers a seasonal opportunity for air conditioning energy savings if included as part of the HVAC design, balancing, and operating plan.

This benefit is recognized as being both energy-efficient and good for a building’s indoor air quality. SMART SYSTEM advances in operable window technology will squash the fear you have about employees opening the windows while your HVAC system is trying to heat or cool the building.

You also have the option of providing your HVAC system with window status feedback.

Retrofit Ready

Operable windows can sometimes be installed more easily in retrofits than fixed windows. Operable windows have a slightly higher initial cost and require periodic maintenance to keep the weather-stripping, hinges, and locking mechanisms performing properly. However, performance is comparable to that of fixed windows.

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