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Vestibule Glass Near Beecher, Illinois

Commercial vestibules and partitions are a great way of managing bigger areas into practical and useful spaces. To get help with your project email us or call us at one of our three locations. We can help you right from the beginning with planning and budgeting your projects.

In architectural language, a vestibule is known as the space between the indoors and the outdoors which connects the building with the outside world. These are a part of the building. However, they are not situated inside the core structure of it. They serve many functions for the betterment of the structure, be it a building, hotel, hospital or any other building.

Vestibule is derived from a Latin word “vestibulum” which means the “entrance hall”. Having a vestibule in the structures gives it a grand look. There are many types of vestibules present in the buildings. A few vestibules are enclosed by columns, which align them more outdoors rather than indoors. Vestibules are very essential for big structures like hotels, hospitals, and malls etc. in order to use optimal energy. This is because the vestibule creates a form of air lock, which keeps the temperature inside the building stable. Vestibules insulate the structure of the building from the fluctuating temperatures outside. Midwest Glass & Mirror can custom fabricate a vestibule for your commercial building.


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